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3.5 Years / 14 Months Old: The Latest from Sodor
3.5 Years / 13 Months Old: Rush Hour Update
3.5 Years / 1 Year Old: A Tale of Two Toddlers

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2.5 Years Old / 1 Month Old: It's Wakey Time!

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After a whole month, Kerry and Dan feel like Max has been around forever. Even 2.5 Year Old Jack doesn't mind giving 1 Month Old Max kisses now, as long as you request them first. Kerry and Dan discuss Jack's favorite songs - hint: they involve a certain tank engine. They also reveal Max's latest measurements and the fun adventures Dan has in the middle of the night when he's not quite awake for feedings. And Kerry goes out twice to see one movie and endures something only any nursing mother would love... All that and more this week on Baby Time!

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