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25.5 Months Old / 23 Weeks Pregnant: Kicking and Screaming
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Baby #2 Special Edition: Boy or Girl?
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22.5 Months Old / 10 Weeks Pregnant: Bamboozled Again!
22 Months Old: Here We Go Again
21.5 Months Old: Time to Catch Up
21 Months Old: It's Super Jack!

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Video: Jack in the Jumperoo

Watch Baby Time Video: Jack in the Jumperoo

As a special thanks to our iTunes listeners, here's a 20-second clip of Jack bouncing around in his brand new Jumperoo! Enjoy!

If you get a chance, please write a review of our show on iTunes. Let everyone know what you think - Thanks!

Update: Non-iTunes users, if you have Quicktime, you can watch the Jack in the Jumperoo movie!

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